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Red Hat Summit 2017
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Mechiel Aalbers Senior Solution Architect, Schiphol Group
Niki Acosta Cloud Evangelist, Cisco
Michael Adam Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat
DeLisa Alexander Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Red Hat
John Allessio Vice President, Global Services, Red Hat
Mike Amburn Dixon Sr Principal Product Manager, Integrated Solutions, Red Hat
Jennifer Anderson Senior Partner Success Manager, Red Hat
Srihari Angaluri Sr. Technical Staff Member, Solutions, Lenovo Group
Robin Appia President & CEO, Educology Solutions, Inc.
Jeff Applewhite Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Timothy Appnel Principal Product Manager, Ansible by Red Hat
Christopher Apsey Deputy Director, Technical College, Army Cyber School
John Archer Senior Energy AppDev Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Leonard Arul Principal Systems Engineer, Walt Disney Studios
Brad Ascar Cloudforms Product Manager for Public Cloud, Red Hat
Rajith Attapattu Middleware Architect, Red Hat
Loic Avenel Senior Product Manager, Red Hat
Phil Avery Sr Unix Engineer, BJ's Wholesale Club
Keith Babo Product Manager, Red Hat
Kyle Bader Sr. Solution Architect, Red Hat
Mukesh Bafna Sr. Princ. Software Engineer, Veritas
Yoan Bailliard NFV Cloud Manager, Orange S.A., Orange
Sathish Balakrishnan Director, OpenShift Online, Red Hat
Marouane Balmakhtar Solution Architect, Sprint
Jay Balunas Senior Engineering Manager, Red Hat
Nick Barcet Senior Director Product Management - OpenStack, Red Hat
Robert Barker Application Development Director, Cigna
Mike Barrett OpenShift Product Manager, Red Hat
Guil Barros Sr. Pr. Product Manager, OpenStack, Red Hat
Boris Baryshnikov Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Keith Basil Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
George Batchvarov Solution Architect, NCI Inc
Gabriel Bechara Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat
Øystein Bedin PaaS Infrastructure Architect - Open Innovation Labs, Red Hat
Jon Benedict Tech Evangelist, Red Hat
Rafael Benevides Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat
Andrius Benokraitis Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Walter Bentley Automation Practice Lead, Red Hat
Will Benton Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Tommi Berg Head of Service Operations, Elisa Corporation
Robyn Bergeron Ansible Community Architect, Red Hat
Josh Berkus Project Atomic Community lead, Red Hat
Jon Bersuder Automation Architect
Blair Bethwaite Senior HPC Consultant, Monash University
Dustin Black Senior Architect, Software-Defined Storage, Red Hat
Sebastien Blanc Software Engineer, Red Hat
Jeffrey Blank Technical Director, NSA
Andrew Block Principal Consultant, Red Hat
Patricia Bogoevici Sr. IT Manager for DevOps & Agile, Red Hat
Nenad Bogojevic Software Architecture Expert, Amadeus SAS
Steve Bohac Sr Manager, Storage Product Marketing, Red Hat
Andrew Bonham Enterprise Architect, Capital One
Marc Boorshtein CTO, Tremolo Security, Inc.
Greg Borsuk Application Practice Director, Red Hat
Sahina Bose Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat
Jerome Boutaud Senior Product Manager, Red Hat
Terry Bowling Senior Technology Product Manager, Red Hat
Dwayne Bradley Technology Development Manager, Duke Energy
jeanine bradley Senior Mgr, Rules and Proces Mgt, Railinc
Emily Brand Territory Services Manager, Red Hat
Stephen Braswell Senior Solutions Engineer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Jeno Bratts Systems Programmer Specialist, East Carolina University, ITCS
Ben Breard Product Manager, Red Hat
Jack Britton Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Joe Brockmeier Senior Evangelist, Linux and Containers, Red Hat
Ryan Brown Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Ted Brunell Principal Solution Architect, DoD Programs, Red Hat
Josh Bryant Solutions Architect, Thyssenkrupp Elevator
Russell Bryant Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Martin Buhr Product Manager, Google Cloud Platform
Maxim Burgerhout Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat
Mike Bursell Chief Security Architect, Red Hat
David Bush Senior Consultant, Red Hat
Tom Callaway University Outreach Lead, Red Hat
Bob Callaway Technical Director, Partner Innovation Team, Red Hat
Thomas Cameron Digital transformation strategist, Red Hat
Steven Carter Chief Cloud Architect, Red Hat
Matteo Casalino Software Development Engineer, Amadeus
Simon Cashmore Head of PaaS Middleware Engineering, Barclays
Ilker Cebeli Senior Director of Product Planning, Samsung
Anjaneya Chagam Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation
Gregory Charot Senior Field Product Manager - OpenStack, Red Hat
Lan Chen Territory Service Manager, Red Hat
Eddie Chen Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Aria Chernik Director of OSPRI , Duke University
Mark Cheshire Director Product Management, Red Hat
Hong Hua Chin Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Rammohan Chitimilla Senior Consultant, Red Hat
Michael Cirioli Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Cian Clarke RHMAP Tiger Team, Red Hat
Adam Clater Chief Architect, Red Hat
John Clingan Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
John Coble SAIC Fellow & Solution Architect, SAIC
Mary Cochran Middleware Consultant, Red Hat
David Codelli Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Sean Cohen Associate Manager, Product Management, Red Hat
Reuven Cohen Contributor, Huffington Post
Clayton Coleman Consulting Engineer & OpenShift Lead Architect, Red Hat
Scott Collier Consulting Software Engineer, Red Hat
Graeme Colman Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat
Brent Compton Director, Storage Solution Architectures, Red Hat
Tom Corcoran Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat
Carlos Costa Research Staff Member, IBM
Michael Costello Senior Middleware Consultant, Red Hat
Tom Coughlan Sr. Sw. Eng. Mgr., Red Hat
Madou Coulibaly Specialized Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Dan Courcy Senior Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Radu Craioveanu Director Software Development, Fresenius Medical Care
Tyler Cross Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Ansible by Red Hat
Marc Curry Principal Product Manager, OpenShift, Red Hat
Michael Dahlgren Sr. Cloud Solution Architect, Red Hat
Chad Darby Principal Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Will Darton ISD Support Lead III, Navy Federal Credit Union
Yaniv Dary Senior Technical Product Manager, Red Hat
Michelle Davis Sr. Solution Architect, Red Hat
Rob Davis VP Storage Technology, Mellanox
Boleslaw Dawidowicz Engineering Manager, Red Hat
Margaret Dawson Global Product Marketing, Red Hat
Tom Debevoise Evangelist Business Process Management, Signavio
Donna DeCapite Principal Staff Scientist, SAS Institute Inc.
Greg DeKoenigsberg Director, Ansible Community, Red Hat
Jose Delarosa Senior Linux Engineer, Dell
Samuele Dell'Angelo Solution Architect, Red Hat
Jaffer Derwish Network Architect, Rogers Communications
Geoffrey De Smet Senior Software Engineer / OptaPlanner lead, Red Hat
Jason DeTiberus Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
William Dettleback Vice President, Deutsche Bank
William Deur IT Specialist, ING Bank
Anita Devadason Partner Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Abhijit Dey Sr Dir, Development, Veritas Pvt Ltd
Christoph Doerbeck Principle Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Laurent Domb Principal Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Karen Dorhamer Systems/Software Engineer, Database Solutions Engineering, HPE
Russ Doty Product Manager, Red Hat
Wayne Dovey Senior Platform Consultant, Red Hat
Duncan Doyle Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
John Doyle Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Davianne Duarte Solution Architect - Global HQ, Intel Corporation
Jason Dudash Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat
Denise Dumas Vice President, Platform Engineering, Red Hat
David Duncan Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Jamie Duncan Cloud Architect, Red Hat
Jens Eckert Project Lead Platform as a Service, BMW AG
John Eckstein Senior Architect, StackLeader
Jeremy Eder Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
David Egts Chief Technologist, Red Hat
Heidi Ellis Professor, Western New England University
Salem Elrahal Consulting Architect, Red Hat
Ben England senior principal engineer, Red Hat
Andre Enquin Key Accoun Manager, Red Hat
Clement Escoffier Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Martin Etmajer Technology Lead, Dynatrace
James Falkner JBoss Technology Evangelist, Red Hat
Vagner Farias Cloud and Virtualization SME, Red Hat
Myriam Fentanes Channels Solution Architect East Region, Red Hat
Chad Ferman Compute Architect, ExxonMobil
Joe Fernandes Senior Director, Product Management, Red Hat
Rebecca Fernandez Principal Employment Branding + Communications Specialist, Red Hat
Michael Fiedler Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Paul Fischer Technical Architect, Bell Canada
Yan Fisher Product Marketing Lead, Red Hat
Annagreth Flierl Williams EMEA Manager, Strategic Customer Engagement, Red Hat
Richard Fontana Senior Commercial Counsel, Red Hat, Inc
Robert Forsström Middleware Platform Architect, Volvo Cars
Jeff Forte Services Manager, Red Hat
Bob Fraser Product Management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
John Frizelle Platform Architect - Red Hat Mobile, Red Hat
John Fulton Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Mario Fusco Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Pim Gaemers Integration Specialist, Rubix
Denis Gagne CEO & CTO, Trisotech
Thomas Gamull Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Davide Gandino OTT and Cloud Processing & Delivery Manager, Sky Television
William Giard DCG – Principal Engineer
Venkata Giduthuri Senior Director, Database and Data Management, SAP Labs LLC
Chuck Gilbert Technical Director and Chief Architect, Penn State University - Institute for CyberScience
Denise Glasscock Senior Principle Cloud Architect, Accenture
Jérôme Glisse Linux Kernel Engineer, Red Hat
Artur Glogowski Content Services Architect, Red Hat
Ken Goetz VP, Global Learning Services, Red Hat
Moran Goldboim Sr Product Manager, Red Hat
Justin Goldsmith Consulting Architect, Red Hat
Anthony Golia Chief Architect, Finance, Red Hat
Denis Golovin Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Nano Gough Senior Principal Product Manager, Red Hat
Brian Gracely Director of Product Strategy, OpenShift, Red Hat
Bryan Grant Architect, Spico Solutions
Clare Grant GM, Red Hat Mobile, Red Hat
Bill Gray RHEL Performance Team Engineer, Red Hat
Natalie Gregory Vice President, Carahsoft
Miroslav Grepl Associate Manager, Red Hat
Phil Griffiths Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Sanne Grinovero Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
Yanis Guenane Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Victoria Guido Technical Manager, Blackstone Technology Group
Zachary Gutterman Curriculum Manager, Red Hat
Gordon Haff Technology Evangelist, Red Hat
Miroslav Halas Director, SW Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Lenovo
Sebastien Han Principal Software Engineer, Storage Architect, Red Hat
John Hardy Product Manager, Red Hat
Brad Harrison Senior Managing Engineer, TD Bank
Tobias Hartwig Regional Product Manager, EMEA, Red Hat
Philip Hayes Architect, Mobile Practice, Red Hat
Thomas Haynes Systems Engineer, Disney
Itamar Heim Senior Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat
Uwe Heinz Product Manager SAP Linuxlab, SAP
Bill Helgeson Principle Domain Architect, Red Hat
Ryan Hennessy Sr. Solution Architect, Red Hat
William Henry Senior Consulting Engineer, Red Hat
Lenley Hensarling Senior Vice President Strategy and Product Management, EnterpriseDB
Malcolm Herbert Director, Consulting, Red Hat
Christian Hernandez Sr Solution Architect, Red Hat
Scott Herold Senior Manager - Multiple Architecture Business, Red Hat
Dirk Herrmann Product Owner RHCC, Red Hat
Abdi Hersi Sr. Linux Engineer, Cox Automotive (Autotrader)
Thomas Heute Senior Engineering Manager, Red Hat
Jason Hibbets Community Manager, Red Hat
Paul Hinz Senior Director, Product Marketing, Middleware, Red Hat
Gregory Hislop Professor, Drexel University
Roel Hodzelmans Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat
Conrad Hollomon QA Engineer, SparkMeter
Justin Holmes App Dev Architect , Red Hat
Billy Holmes Sr Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Chad Holmes Sr. Mobile Solution Architect, Red Hat
Mike Holp Application Platform Sales Specialist, Red Hat
Karina Homme Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
Oliver Horn Senior Solutions Architect Alliances, Red Hat
Ernest Horn LinuxONE Industry Market - Client Technical Sales, IBM
Chris Houseknecht Principal Software Engineer, Ansible by Red Hat
Howie How Project Manager - OpenStack Solution Architecture Team, Red Hat
Maggie Hu Sr. Middleware Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat
John Hubbard Principal Software Engineer, NVIDIA
Thomas Hudak Sr Platform Engineer, Best Buy
Steven Huels Senior Manager, Systems Engineering, Red Hat
Tommy Hughes Principal Engineer, Red Hat
Timothy Hunt Senior Architect, Red Hat
Scott Hunter Director Program Management, .NET, Microsoft
Claus Ibsen Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
David Ingham Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat
Rimma Iontel Senior Architect (NFV), Red Hat
Tariq Islam Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat
Abirami Iyer Sr. Support Planner, Microsoft
Jacob Jackson Technical Support Engineer, Red Hat
Joyson Jacob Enterprise Architect, HM Health Solutions
Erik Jacobs Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Stephen Jacobs Professor in the School of Interactive Games and Media, Rochester Institute of Technology
Torben Jaeger Middleware Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat
Asmita Jagtap Senior Principal Software Engineer, Veritas
Susan James Head of Product Line NFV Infrastructure, Ericsson
Gerardus Jansen Product Owner, CloudForms, Red Hat
Daniel Jeffries Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Marek Jelen Developer Advocate, Red Hat
Chris Jenkins Senior Architect, Red Hat
Rich Jerrido Red Hat Satellite Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
chakradhar jonagam Solution Architect, Red Hat Inc
Kevin Jones Cloud Domain Architect, Red Hat
Ted Jones Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
Darrell Jordan-Smith WW VP, Information & Communications Technology, Red Hat
Jon Jozwiak Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat
Miska Kaipiainen CEO and founder, Kontena
Snehangshu Karmakar Service Content Architect, Red Hat
Ashwin Karpe Enterprise Integration Practice Lead, Red Hat
Bryan Kearney Director, Software Engineering, Red Hat
Gordon Keegan Sr. Solution Architect, Red Hat
Michelle Kelo Enterprise Architect, Capital One
Lucy Kerner Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager - Security, Red Hat
Anthony Kesterton Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat
rashid khan Massachusetts, Red Hat
Zohaib Khan Practice Lead, Application Modernization & Migration, Red Hat
Tetsuya Kimura CEO, iSmart Technologies Corporation
Nathan Kinder Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Red Hat
Jared King Cloud Operations Engineer, Cisco
Stuart Kirk Open Source Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft
James Kirkland Chief Architect, IoT, Red Hat
Craig Klein Director, Healthcare, Red Hat
Linda Knippers Distinguished Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Liju Kodichera Jayadevan SUPPORT ESCAL ENG, Incubation-Azure-US, Microsoft
Yossi Koren Solution Architect, API Management, Red Hat
Bob Kozdemba Domain Architect, Red Hat
Orran Krieger Professor, Boston University
Jennifer Krieger Chief Agile Architect, Red Hat
Martin Körling Head of Strategic Portfolio Management, Ericsson
Matthias Krohnen Manager IT, Lead Innovation Lab, Miles & More GmbH
Anil Kumar Principal Product Manager, Couchbase
Boris Kurktchiev Senior Solutions Engineer, UNC
Ryuji Kurokawa COO, iSmart Technologies Corporation
James Labocki Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Red Hat
Ugo Landini Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat
Mauricio Leal LATAM Developer Experience Expert, Red Hat
Gonéri Le Bouder Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat
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